My Story

dforemanI will bring over 41 years of uniformed public service to the office of State Senator from District Five, including 30 years of military officer leadership and management experience.  I have 11 years of service to our community as a state certified police officer with the Moscow Police Department, from which I retired as a Corporal in 2013.  I still serve as a Level-One Reserve Officer with the department volunteering my services without pay to help protect our great community.

I have been very successful as a law enforcement officer in Moscow.  I have a reputation of fairness, an ability to help solve people-problems within the law and a developed knowledge of how to sensibly and compassionately apply the enforcement of our laws to the every-day issues faced by citizens and officers.

I served for 30 years as an officer in the United States Air Force, retiring as a full Colonel.  I functioned as a Master Instructor/Evaluator Navigator on C-130 and KC-135 aircraft, logging over 5,000 flying hours – including combat hours in the Middle East conflicts.  My final position was Vice Commander of the 700 member 168th Air Refueling Wing in Alaska.  I learned much about organizational budgeting (millions of dollars per year,) human resources management issues, state and federal law, working with the media and coordinating with federal, state and local high ranking political figures.

I will bring leadership and executive management ability to the District Five senate position.  I have the talents earned over four decades of public service necessary to “STANDUP FOR IDAHO” in today’s challenging environment of changing economic, social, political and ideological issues.  I promise you honesty, professionalism and complete openness in all aspects of my administration.  And I establish the following goals for my senate office:  I will…

  1. Support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Idaho
  2. Protect the State’s Rights of Idaho
  3. Promote a more effective and responsible use of tax dollars – every penny will work for you
  4. Vote “NO” on any proposed tax increases
  5. Support education, charter schools and home schooling
  6. Defend the rights of the unborn by advocating Pro-Life values
  7. Stand up for agriculture, small farms and logging
  8. Stand in defense of our Second Amendment rights
  9. Advocate for all Idaho public lands to be controlled and managed by IDAHO
  10. Separate politics, favoritism and special interests from the functioning of my senate office
  11. Promote traditional conservative values
  12. Advocate for small, efficient and responsive government
  13. Respect our people’s belief in a Divine Creator and conduct myself accordingly
  14. Listen to the people of our great State of Idaho as a humble, but capable, public servant

Daniel D. Foreman,  Colonel USAF (Ret.)
“Standing Up For Idaho”